Best Wine to Taste for Beginners

Perhaps you like wine since it is said to be great for your health due to its several benefits, or maybe you simply like rosé. Regardless of what reason you have, one of the most typical struggles that some people have is keeping on selecting the wine they like. This is especially accurate with red wines since they are extremely diverse. Below are some of the great red wines that are such crowd-pleasers:

Petite Sirah

Fruit flavors: Black tea, black pepper, dark chocolate, blueberry, sugar plums.

The ancient Greeks identify all types of red wine as “black wines.” Nowadays, black wine is a distinct category of super grapes that is greatly high in antioxidants. The wine antioxidants can be found in the grape’s stems, seed, and skins and they are basically termed as polyphenols.

You can determine grapes that contain hight


Fruit flavors: sweet tobacco, cinnamon, peach preserves, strawberry, and blackberry brambles.

The conventionally quite high alcohol levels are the best Zinfandel. In wine, alcohol is somewhat similar to MSG since it increases the boldness and magnifies fruit flavors.

To taste the wine’s alcohol level, you have to take a sip and then after swallowing, slowly breathe out. It will create a tingling feeling at the back of your throat.


Fruit flavors: Vanilla, dried herbs, graphite, chocolate, plum, and red cherry.

Visit any restaurant and wine store and compare the cost of Merlot’s high-end bottles to Cabernet Sauvignon. You can observe that Merlot is actually less expensive. However, you should know that Cabernet and Merlot are almost similar to all grape types in the world. They are also related.

Nero d’Avola

Fruit Flavors: red chili flakes, tobacco, licorice, black plum, and black cherry

If you’re confused when it comes to Italian wines, you are definitely not alone. One of the most difficult wine regions to comprehend is Italy. Even professionals feel the same way. A lot of leading Italian Wines are tastes that need to be learned, such as Barolo.

Nero d’Avola offers crowd-pleasing yet bold fruit flavors together with the trademark of Italy’s clay-like and dusty terroir.

Next time, as you open and plan to drink a nice glass of wine, attempt to taste it using the 4-step way. You will be in awe in terms of the number of flavors you can have.

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